Elie Feller was born in 1996 near Bern, Switzerland to a Swiss mother and an African father. He started studying Karate at the age of 4 and passionately fell in love with this martial art. He successfully competed in over 100 national and international competitions. And he was voted “Swiss Karate Kid” by Disney Swiss in 2010. Through honing his craft for karate, he perfected coordination, perseverance, concentration and an eye for details; abilities that were useful when he transitioned to his work and new found passion in front of the camera.

Elie was a moderator at the red carpet for “The Dance”, completed a film shoot at the Zürich Film Festival and can be seen in various national commercials. Some of his commercials have amassed over 300,000 views.

In addition Elie participated at the NRJ Red Sessions with a film team and collaborated with renowned musicians. And two times in a row he and his co-star presented the Best Breaking Act Award at the Swiss Music Awards. In 2017 Elie started co-starring in a Credit Suisse campaign called Twint. Later he was booked by the largest swiss pharmacist association called Pharmasuisse and the largest accident insurance in Switzerland for various campaigns in 2018.

A year later he can be seen in national TV Spots for one of the most successful company in retail and wholesale in Switzerland, called Coop. He also got roles for various other well-renowned companies, after improving his skills at the Susan Batson Acting Studio in New York the same year.